Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine for My Tall Man

We've made Valentine's for my little chicks classroom parties and now it's time to make a little something for my Tall Man. Like I said before, we're not big on Valentine's Day. I know this upsets some people and they think I'm a bit of a grinch but that's not the case at all. I have never been a big fan of the day and I've had some very nice ones. I remember in 6th grade I was "going out" with a boy named Donny, he was the new kid from California, and for Valentine's Day he got me a stuffed animal, roses and a sterling silver ring with an abalone heart. Kind of overboard for sixth grade I think but it was sweet, I actually still have the tiny little ring in my jewelry box. About five years ago my Tall Man surprised me with diamond hoop earrings on Valentine's Day. At least we think it was for Valentine's, neither of us can honestly remember. See, I've had some very nice February 14th's.
We've discussed whether or not we're the bah humbug type and have decided that we like to do all sorts of sweet things for each other throughout the year, we don't need one designated day. Plus our wedding anniversary is just a month later. I have saved nearly every single little note from my Tall Man. Little sticky notes telling me the coffee's ready or he loves me or thank you for supporting him. I have movie tickets, baseball ticket stubs, concert stubs all sorts of little sentimental things. I'm not cold hearted, really.
I did however decide this year I was going to make him something for Valentine's Day. Just a simple card. After seeing Polka Dot Thought's card for a bachelorette party I knew I had to make one for my Tall Man.
Here is the front:
And the back:
Cute right? I love it! I used a plain piece of ivory card stock and folded it in half (hamburger way, not hot dog.) Then drew the top portion of a heart and cut it out. When you open the card up it should look a little like a butterfly. I had to do a little trimming here and there because I couldn't get it perfect, but lets face it, none of us are "perfect" in that department. Don't you wish you could "trim" like this?
I picked out some pink and white scrapbook paper for the bra and panties since this is for Valentine's. I cut the paper into a bra shape, I've decided this is definitely a balconette style bra rather than full coverage. Hee hee. Then embellished it with some thin pink ribbon along the top, for straps and a little bow in front. For the panties I just cut the shape of a thong and glued it on. I also drew a pink heart on the rear, just for fun.
I think this is such a fun and cute way to tell your man you love him. It's not over the top mushy and it's not too racy either. I can already hear my Tall Man saying "bow chica bow wow" when he opens it. Hope you like it!


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