Saturday, January 29, 2011


This weekend in Seattle is Mariners FanFest. Our family has made FanFest a tradition the last couple of years. Tall Man, the chicks and I will go spend a long weekend with my favorite in-laws and check out FanFest for a day.
If you're not familiar with the Seattle Mariners you may not know what FanFest is, well it's a baseball fan's amusement park! Okay, so there aren't any rides but there are so many fun things to do it's like a bunch of rides except your face isn't green when you're done, it's Mariners blue! For one weekend a year baseball fans have access to the whole park. SafeCo field is opened up for guests to check out the club house, gym, dugouts, pretty much everything. You can hit one out in center field (they set up a tee and you can belt one into the stands!) You can play catch in the outfield, catch pop flies, test your speed in the bullpen, sit in the away dugout and run the bases! Holy buckets! There are interviews going on all over with former players, new players, announcers and more. It truly is Disneyland for the Mariners fan.
This year we're unable to make the trip. We're all very disappointed we can't go visit with family and check out all the fun again. So instead of getting our faces painted, sporting our M's gear and "sliding" into third this weekend I'll be looking back on the fun we had the last couple of years.
Check it out for yourself...
FanFest 2010
My favorite mother-in-law, my chicks and I with our faces freshly painted.
Yes, that says Griffey as in Ken Griffey Jr!!
And yep, that's Jay Buhner.
My middle chick and her Papa.
The late Dave Niehaus.
My Tall Man catching a fly ball!
Earlier when I wrote "sliding" into third, this is what I was referring to. Dork!
FanFest 2009
Papa and his girls.
My two older chicks and I.
Me, because if you intentionally take a bad picture, is the picture really bad?
Tall Man, the girls and I by the first base line.

Wishing we could be there but maybe next year. Only eighteen days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. If my blog suddenly stinks, you'll know baseball season has officially started.


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