Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's Crayons

Valentine's Day is over a month away and I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan. I don't have some long, drawn out "got dumped on Valentine's" story. I'm just not crazy about it. In our house it's more like a reminder that pitchers and catchers for the Seattle Mariner's report to spring training. Baseball season baby! Woo hoo!
Anyway, back to Valentine's. I've decided this year I'd like to do things a little different. Less like myself and more like all the lovey dovey's out there. I'm starting by making Valentine's for my little chicks to hand out.
For my preschooler I've decided to make my own version of heart shaped crayons. How Does She? has a great tutorial. Although for these, I don't know that you really need a tutorial, it's all pretty self explanatory. I did enlist some help for this one. These two chicks were great helpers.
All you need are crayons and a mold from the candy aisle at your craft store. I poured our bucket of crayons out on the dining room table and we went to work. Picking every broken crayon out of the bunch and removing the wrapper. Next we separated them by color. I used red, pink, blue, green and purple. Pretty colors that wouldn't melt together to make the color of mud. I picked up a silicon heart mold from Michael's for $6 with a coupon.
Spray the mold with cooking spray and separate your color into the hearts.
Preheat your oven to 250, before you put your mold in the oven place it on a cookie sheet or baking pan. The silicon mold is flexible and you don't want to spill wax all over the inside of your oven. It took about 15 minutes for the crayons to melt in the oven, as soon as they were melted I pulled them out and let the pan cool on a cooling rack for another 15 minutes or so. Once they were hardened they popped right out of the mold. SO cute!
Now all I need to do is come up with a catchy Valentine's phrase and put them all together. I'll show you the finished product when they're... well... finished.


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