Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Thus Far

I realize it has been one month, today actually, since I made any posts. Life has been crazy busy around here and I've been running short of inspiration. We had rainy weather the first couple weeks of summer then gorgeous blue skies and 80 degree temps. So I've been enjoying summer while it's here.
My camera is kind of on the fritz or maybe it's just my SD card. The card/camera only holds about eleven pictures at a time then I have to clear it. Pretty ridiculous. I have been using my phone instead, not great quality but captures the memories either way.
Here are some pictures to catch you up on our summer thus far...
We started by making an hour and a half drive to pick up this cute little Terrier Mix, Piper. She's almost five months old and ALL puppy!
This sleeping beauty turned the big 1-0!!
Grandpa let her pick out a brand new bike! Lucky girl!
We had a garage sale & lemonade stand.
I had to buy some fencing materials to keep little Piper from eating all our lettuce.
We spent some time at the lake.
We're trying to make some progress on this Summer Bucket List.
I scored this pair of solid wood rockers at a yard sale for $20!! I'll be stripping them down and repainting them for our front porch.
Also picked up these lamps at a yard sale. Both for $5. They'll be getting a paint job and I'll be sprucing up the shades.
The chicks and I tried on shoes at Target. It killed me to be frugal and walk away without those aqua wedges. They were $8!!!
And just last night I caught my girls in Piper's crate.
Look at that crazed look on her face. Yikes!
The Tall Man and I have also been playing softball on our churches co-ed team. The Tall Man also got a new to him car. We've named it Gladys. I'll share pictures later and you'll see Gladys is a fitting name.
So that's what we've been up to this summer. I'll try and keep you posted on my projects and what we'll be doing the rest of this summer.


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