Friday, July 29, 2011

A Good Read: Learning

It appears all I am doing this summer is reading. Oh and it's wonderful!! I have been doing a lot more than reading, really. I actually have been working on a couple projects around here I just haven't taken the time to post them. They're coming though. Promise.
My most recent read was Learning by Karen Kingsbury.
The second book in the Bailey Flanigan series. Another incredible book. If you've read any of the Baxter Family series or Bailey Flanigan series you know what I mean when I say this book was incredible. I don't know that any of these books could disappoint me. It's like hearing from a friend after months of silence. I started the Baxter Family series, which includes 18 books, about five years ago. You meet Bailey Flanigan in the last books of that series and the Baxter's show up from time to time in Bailey's series. So it really is like catching up with friends from long ago.
I hope you find a little time to do some reading this summer too. I've already started my next book, so I'm off to curl up with my coffee and book.


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