Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Good Read: Choosing to SEE

I just finished reading Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman. What a book and what an amazing author. This book tells Mary Beth's story. From being a young girl in Ohio to marrying singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman, to losing their youngest daughter in a horrific accident involving their youngest son.
I love reading memoir's, but this was definitely the hardest one I've read. I found I read right through the first twenty chapters rather quickly. It was the chapter titled May 21, 2008 that brought my reading to a halt. I often had to pause, grab some tissue and get myself together. I just couldn't imagine losing a child, especially in a tragic accident involving another of my children.
The Chapman family is enduring such a struggle but through it all show so much hope and faith it's almost inconceivable. I recommend this book to anyone. Just keep your tissue close and keep reading.


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